Topic outline

  • Introduction to Health Connect

    Diagram showing Health Connect and the different capabilities of the product.The capabilities of Health Connect include certified standards-based interoperability, the business process and workflow, event detection and monitoring, visual diagnostics, scalability and security, data transformations, and the service platform.See how InterSystems HealthShare® Health Connect combines the sophisticated service-oriented architecture (SOA) features found in ESBs with the ease of use and rapid integration associated with messaging engines. It also includes built-in support for all major health interoperability standards. The result is a health service bus that is feature-rich and scalable enough to support the most demanding healthcare settings — from hospitals to nationwide systems — while remaining lightweight and agile enough to be bundled within commercial software products.

    While earlier releases are built on InterSystems Caché® and InterSystems Ensemble®, HealthShare Health Connect 2020.1 and later is built on InterSystems IRIS for Health™.