• Python QuickStart

    InterSystems IRIS® data platform supports two lightweight Python APIs that provide direct access to InterSystems IRIS databases via relational tables or multidimensional storage:

    • PyODBC lets your application quickly retrieve, update, and delete data.
    • The Native API for Python lets your application directly access the underlying data structure within InterSystems IRIS (known as globals) as well as call ObjectScript methods and routines.

    Watch the video to review ways to connect your application to InterSystems IRIS, and try the exercise below to use PyODBC and the Native API for Python to connect to InterSystems IRIS.

    Note: Python is only available on InterSystems IRIS v2019.2+.

    • In the steps below, you will access a set of sample stock data using each of the ways described. With Python, you can interact with InterSystems IRIS relationally (with PyODBC) or natively (with the Native API).

      The sample code and supporting wheel files only support Python 3.

      Start the exercise in one of three ways:

      1. Use an InterSystems Learning Lab by clicking the launcher button below.
      2. Use AWS, Azure, or GCP:
        1. Follow the steps to change the password for InterSystems IRIS.
        2. Make sure you have Python 3.8 or 3.9 installed on your cloud instance.
      3. Try the exercise locally with an instance of InterSystems IRIS and an IDE that supports Python (such as PyCharm).
        1. Make sure you have Python 3.8 or 3.9 installed locally.
        2. If you use your IDE, please verify you have a recently updated Windows, macOS, or Linux operating system.