Topic outline

  • Working with the FHIR Resource Repository

    InterSystems IRIS for Health™ provides a base FHIR server implementation with an internal FHIR resource repository for storing and managing FHIR resources. In this lab you will set up a FHIR STU3 server with a resource repository, populate the repository with realistic sample patient data and construct a simple FHIR client app that can interact with the server via FHIR RESTful API.

    • Directions

      Use the button below to the launch the Working with the FHIR Resource Repository lab. This will start you in an integrated IDE that includes instructions for this lab. You need to open the file on the left of the IDE to see these instructions. Links are provided in the IDE to your personal instance of InterSystems IRIS for Health. Please be aware that these instances are on a training server so please be patient if executing commands take some time. Your own production servers will be much faster. You can also click DELETE AND RESET YOUR LAB to get a new version of the lab.

    • How do I provide feedback on this exercise?

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