Topic outline

  • Using the InterSystems Terminal

    Learn the basics of using the InterSystems® command line interface to execute commands, including:

    • Starting the Terminal
    • Executing methods and routines
    • Exiting the Terminal

    You will also learn best practices and tips for Terminal usage.

    • Code Used in This Video

      Reference Timestamp Code
      Start a Terminal session on macOS or Linux 0:41 iris session <your instance name>
      Change namespace 1:01 set $namespace = <desired namespace>
      Run a class method 1:18 do ##class(PackageName.ClassName).MethodName(parameters)
      Run a routine 1:28 do tagName^RoutineName
      Set a variable to the status returned from a class method 2:17 set status = ##class(PackageName.ClassName).Method(parameters)
      Check if a status variable is error 2:33 write $System.Status.IsError(status)
      Write out the status error to the Terminal 2:41 do $System.Status.DisplayError(status).
      Clear the Terminal 2:50 write #
      Execute OS level commands 2:54 ! <your command>
      Exit the Terminal 3:08 halt
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