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  • Learn Ensemble for Developers and System Integrators

    Browse these resources to get started with software integration in InterSystems Ensemble®, a software integration platform optimized for data access at high volumes and speeds. Developers and system integrators can review introductory materials such as online courses, classroom courses, learning paths, videos, hands-on tutorials, and documentation.

    • Get started

      For a basic introduction to Ensemble, you can get started by taking an introductory online course or watching a short video.

    • Take an online course

      There are many online courses on Ensemble available, with varying levels of required knowledge. We recommend the order below, but you can feel free to take courses in any order based on your needs. Select a name below to enroll in the course.

    • Complete an Advanced Learning Path

      Complete a structured sequence of online courses, videos, readings, and exercises to master a subject. Log in to track your progress.

    • Attend a class

      Classroom courses with InterSystems provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on exercises to help you learn InterSystems products and technologies. Use the table below to decide which course is appropriate for your needs, then select the course title below to get detailed information about the course.

      Course Healthcare Focused HL7 Components Custom Components Managing Environment
      Building and Managing HL7 Integrations Check. Check. Check.
      Developing Healthcare Integrations Check. Check. Check.
      Developing System Integrations Check.
    • Complete a tutorial

      Tutorials are designed for learners who have access to an instance of Ensemble and want to learn using a self-directed hands-on process.

    • Read Ensemble documentation

      Use the following link to get direct access to documentation and articles on Ensemble.

    • Ask questions in the Developer Community

      The Developer Community is a great place to ask questions and find answers. Follow the links below to learn more about the community and join the conversation! If you have created an account on the InterSystems Learning site, you can use the same login information to join the Community.

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