• Importing FHIR Packages into the InterSystems IRIS for Health Server

    HL7® FHIR® packages are collections of resources that can be distributed under one name. With an HL7 FHIR package, there is no need to version individual resources or update cascading profiles. They facilitate automated publication, discovery, consumption, and updates. HL7 FHIR packages are closely related to HL7 FHIR profiles, since HL7 FHIR packages may contain customized resources. An HL7 FHIR profile is a customized specific resource definition, created by specifying a set of constraints and/or extensions on a base HL7 FHIR resource.

    InterSystems IRIS for Health™ helps you work with HL7 FHIR packages and HL7 FHIR profiles quickly and seamlessly. The exercise below helps you understand how to work with HL7 FHIR packages in InterSystems IRIS for Health. Specifically, you will learn how to:

    • Configure the HL7 FHIR server in InterSystems IRIS for Health, which is capable of supporting multiple HL7 FHIR packages.
    • Identify basic structure of an HL7 FHIR package.
    • Import an existing, published HL7 FHIR package into the InterSystems IRIS for Health HL7 FHIR server.
    • Import a custom HL7 FHIR package into the InterSystems IRIS for Health HL7 FHIR server.

    Note: This exercise is applicable to InterSystems IRIS for Health 2020.4+.

    • In this exercise, you will find and import published HL7 FHIR packages into InterSystems IRIS for Health. You will also use a sample custom HL7 FHIR package to search for HL7 FHIR resources based on a custom search parameter.