Topic outline

  • InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence: Architect

    Get a basic overview of using InterSystems IRIS® Business Intelligence to create cubes. See how to add essential features of cubes—such as measures and dimensions—and complex features such as hierarchies. You will also learn how to modify classes using compatible code editing software.

    These videos are a companion to the five-day Using InterSystems Embedded Analytics classroom course and serve as a review of concepts presented in the course.
    • Architect Basics

      Review essential Architect tools for creating and editing cubes. See how to add dimensions, measures, and lists to cubes, and get a quick look at the Analyzer tool for verifying the data in a model.

    • Architect Advanced

      Learn the steps for creating advanced cubes using hierarchies and collection properties. Then, see how to add time levels and access other classes using Visual Studio Code.

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