• Hands-On with InterSystems FHIR Transformation Service Using S3 Target

    InterSystems FHIR® Transformation Service was formerly HealthShare Message Transformation Services. The content on this page is still accurate, and references to the name will be updated in the next iteration.

    Transform HL7® V2 messages to HL7® FHIR® R4 resources, and deposit the resources into S3 buckets using InterSystems FHIR® Transformation Service.

    Watch the video, and then get hands-on with the exercise below! In this exercise, you will:

    • Create Amazon S3 buckets for input and output.
    • Set up an Amazon Identity Access and Management (IAM) user.
    • Create and use a pipeline that transforms sample HL7 V2 messages to HL7 FHIR resources.
    • Observe the newly transformed HL7 FHIR resources in your S3 bucket.