• InterSystems IRIS Management Basics

    Learn the basics of InterSystems IRIS® data platform and the tools that help system administrators perform common tasks through the lifecycle of their products.

    Once you complete this path, you will use InterSystems documentation for regular operation and troubleshooting.

    Learning path sections
    This path contains ten sections. One, get oriented, 25 minutes. Two, install locally or in the cloud, 40 minutes. Three, Configure InterSystems IRIS, 1 hour 30 minutes. Four, Configure and manage security, 40 minutes. Five, Monitor the system, 40 minutes. Six, manage users and system processes, 1 hour. Seven, Improve performance and scalability, 1 hour 15 minutes. Eight, implement system continuity, 2 hours. Nine, Upgrade InterSystems IRIS, 10 minutes. Ten, troubleshoot the system, 25 minutes. Eleven, final exercise, 1 hour.