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    • InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ is a complete data platform that combines analytical and transaction processing with native interoperability for handling all types of data.
    • Caché is a high-performance transactional data platform and development environment. The flexibility of its architecture allows it to support many data models and scale well with large amounts of data.

    • Ensemble is a rapid integration platform with Caché at its core. Ensemble allows you to develop, configure, deploy, and manage productions that integrate multiple disparate software systems, using elements that communicate with external systems and perform processing internal to the production.

    • HealthShare is a family of products that enables organizations to:
      • Capture health and health-related information.
      • Share that information in a meaningful way.
      • Analyze and understand all of the structured and unstructured information.
      • Act on that understanding to drive improvements in care and efficiency.
    • Each InterSystems product includes several embedded technologies that are built directly into the product to enhance its use and behavior:
      • CSP, Zen, and Zen Mojo: Three approaches to web front-end development
      • Zen Reports: Static reports
      • DeepSee: Analytics technology
      • iKnow: Unstructured data analysis
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