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  • Welcome to Learn HealthShare for Developers and System Integrators

    HealthShare is a family of products that enables your organization to:

    • Capture health and health-related information from everyone involved.
    • Share that information in a meaningful way among everyone in the care process.
    • Analyze and understand all of the information, structured and unstructured.
    • Act on that understanding to drive improvements in care and efficiency.

    List of HealthShare Products, Descriptions, and Links to Resource Guides
    Click a product name to navigate to its corresponding resource guide, or see general HealthShare resources below.

    Product Description 
    HealthShare Health Connect An enterprise service bus created specifically for healthcare.
    HealthShare Unified Care Record
    Used for sharing health information, creating composite health records, and enabling interoperability-driven applications such as patient engagement or population health.
    HealthShare Personal Community A configurable patient engagement and portal solution.
    HealthShare Patient Index Used for managing a master list of patients and demographic information.
    HealthShare Health Insight A robust analytics development solution that unlocks the value of shared health information for population and performance management.
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      For a basic introduction to HealthShare, you can get started by taking an introductory online course or watching a video introducing HealthShare's capabilities.

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      The InterSystems Video Portal contains more than twenty videos and recorded demonstrations about HealthShare. Use the following link to get direct access to HealthShare videos.

    • Learn about InterSystems clinical data models

      The following manuals describe clinical data models used in InterSystems healthcare products. InterSystems documentation can be accessed from the InterSystems launcher in the system tray using the menu option Documentation. If you do not have an instance installed locally, you can access a PDF of each manual below.

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