Topic outline

  • Proactive Alerting: Advanced Approaches for Alerting Solutions: Webinar Recording

    A sophisticated alerting solution lets you solve problems quickly and proactively. In this webinar, see how to make the most out of your alerting solution. Topics include sending alerts to people outside of your own support team and using a custom method to dynamically alert based on component settings. This webinar is valuable for managers, administrators, interface engineers, and developers working with InterSystems Ensemble®, HealthShare® Health Connect, and HealthShare productions. It is also relevant for users of InterSystems IRIS® data platform and InterSystems IRIS for Health™.

    Note: This webinar assumes that you have basic knowledge about Ensemble’s alerting framework. If you are new to the topic of alerting, take the Setting Up Alerts online course (15m), or read "Monitoring Alerts" in documentation to ensure that you get the most out of this webinar.

    This recording has been edited and slightly condensed for clarity.