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  • Experience Java and InterSystems IRIS™

    Connect your Java applications to InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ easily using the API of your choice.

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    If you are not familiar with InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, you can start by reviewing the InterSystems IRIS resource guide.

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    Watch videos and take courses that will help you familiarize yourself with using JDBC, Native API, XEP, and Hibernate with InterSystems IRIS. Choose from the following content:

    Overview — To learn about your options for using Java with InterSystems IRIS:
    To learn how to use JDBC for relational access: To learn how to use Native API for global access and to call classmethods: To learn how to use XEP for inserting many objects quickly: To learn how to use Hibernate for object access:


    Apply what you have learned about using Java with InterSystems IRIS to create a stock trading simulation application:


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