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  • Using Hibernate with InterSystems IRIS

    Get the basics of using Hibernate with InterSystems IRIS® data platform in this video series.

    Hibernate is one of many third-party tools that you can use to connect your Java application to InterSystems IRIS in addition to the built-in technologies: JDBC, XEP, and Native API. Hibernate allows you to map your Java objects to your relational tables in InterSystems IRIS. If you already know how to use Hibernate, you can use it with InterSystems IRIS in the exact same way as with any other database. The important settings to know for connecting using Hibernate are the following:

    • Driver class: com.intersystems.jdbc.IRISDriver 
    • Connection URL: jdbc:IRIS://IP:Port/NAMESPACE where IP, Port, and NAMESPACE are replaced by your values)
    • Dialect: org.hibernate.dialect.InterSystemsIRISDialect

    The videos below show:

    • When and why to use Hibernate
    • Connecting Hibernate to InterSystems IRIS and annotating your Java data classes
    • Saving, retrieving from, and querying InterSystems IRIS with Hibernate
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