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  • Active Directory Integration with LDAP

    Do you want to simplify your user management by using Windows domain accounts? When you add LDAP integration to your system, you can: 

    • Use the same logins on all your instances 
    • Manage the user accounts centrally 
    • Stop worrying about synchronizing accounts between systems

    In Active Directory Integration with LDAP, a 45-minute webinar presented by Katherine Reid, Senior Support Specialist at InterSystems, you learn the main options for integrating your user accounts with your domain, including delegated authentication and LDAP authentication.

    Katherine also walks through how you might set this up on your own system. After the webinar, you can practice what you have learned using a lab from InterSystems Documentation.

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      Ready to try it for yourself? Practice what you learned in the webinar using this exercise from InterSystems Documentation!
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