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  • Taking Control of Your SQL Performance

    Frozen Query Plans are two years old and are seeing some great effects in the field ... but are you getting everything out of them that you can? 

    A frozen Query Plan is a way to save – or freeze – the execution plan for your queries. If you run Tune Table, for example, you would expect your Query Plans to change on some queries. However, with frozen Query Plans, your queries won't change until you want them to! 

    In Taking Control of Your SQL Performance, InterSystems Senior Support Specialist Kyle Baxter takes you on a tour of frozen Query Plans and teaches you how to ensure upgrades never degrade your query performance. In his webinar, Kyle covers: 

    • How to freeze Query Plans to solve query performance issues before they happen 
    • How to use frozen plans to upgrade code with confidence 
    • How to use frozen plans to quickly resolve unexpected SQL problems

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