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  • Using Entity Framework with InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

    Learn to use Entity Framework, an object/relational mapping tool, to connect your .NET application to InterSystems IRIS® data platform. Entity Framework is used alongside the built-in technologies ADO.Net, XEP, and Native API. Entity Framework allows you to map your .NET objects to relational tables in InterSystems IRIS and eliminates the need for most of the data-access code that developers usually need to write. With a bit of prior setup, you can use it with InterSystems IRIS as you would with any other database. Note the following information about using Entity Framework with InterSystems IRIS:

    • These Entity Frameworks tutorial videos are designed for .NET Framework. Entity Framework in .NET Core is not supported.
    • Follow Setting Up the Entity Framework Provider in the documentation to install the InterSystems IRIS Entity Framework Provider distribution.
    • Then, you can add a new connection string to App.config, specifying iris as the SQLDIALECT and using InterSystems.Data.IrisClient as the providerName.

    The following videos will walk through an example using Entity Framework with InterSystems IRIS, including setting up the InterSystems IRIS Entity Framework Provider, using both the Code First and Database First approaches. You can also use Entity Framework in a Model First approach, but that will not be covered.

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