• Globals QuickStart

    InterSystems IRIS® data platform contains an extremely efficient data model known as globals. Individually, a global is a persistent multidimensional array. Data added to globals is immediately stored and available to multiple processes, not just the process that stored it.

    The benefits of using globals are vast — some are listed below. Globals are:

    • Efficient: They grow based on need, without upfront declaration of size or structure.
    • Multimodel: They store objects, tables and indexes, JSON and XML documents, even documentation.
    • Typeless: They can contain integer, named, or any other subscript type, even at the same subscript level.
    • Automatically sorted: They sort subscripts automatically at each dimension.
    • Flexible: They allow flexibility in node structure and data storage to contain any number of subscripts and any type of data.
    • Safe: You can lock any node to keep other processes from changing value, while keeping other nodes at same level accessible.

    Note that globals are not just another storage model. In fact, they are so powerful and flexible that they are actually at the core of all InterSystems models, giving you freedom from database remodels.

    Interested in seeing it for yourself? Watch the video, then try the exercise below.

    • In the following exercise, you will store and retrieve globals, holding data stock inventory data, to see for yourself how powerful and beneficial they can be.

      Start the exercise in one of three ways:

      1. Use an InterSystems Learning Lab by clicking the launcher button below.
      2. Use AWS, Azure, or GCP, first following the steps to change the password for InterSystems IRIS.
      3. Try the exercise locally with an instance of InterSystems IRIS.