• SQL QuickStart

    InterSystems IRIS® data platform provides high-performance, full-featured SQL access. You can use SQL with InterSystems IRIS at scales from queries running on a single CPU core, to parallel queries using dozens of cores, to distributed queries across a cluster of InterSystems IRIS servers.

    SQL features available in InterSystems IRIS include:

    • High performance and scalability
    • Integration with InterSystems object technology
    • Low maintenance
    • Support for standard SQL queries and stored procedures
    • JDBC and ODBC connectivity
    • Automatic parallel query execution
    • Transparently distributed queries

    Watch the video to begin this QuickStart, then try the exercise below.

    • In this activity, you will retrieve pet store data from an instance of InterSystems IRIS by using the InterSystems Management Portal to run SQL queries, leveraging several SQL features of InterSystems IRIS.

      Start the exercise in one of three ways:

      1. Use an InterSystems Learning Lab by clicking the launcher button below.
      2. Use AWS, Azure, or GCP, first following the steps to change the password for InterSystems IRIS.
      3. Try the exercise locally with an instance of InterSystems IRIS.
    • While built-in tools are available to view and manage your data, you can also easily connect and use your own SQL client with Intersystems IRIS as well.

      In the following video, you will see how to connect SQuirreL SQL Client, one example of a third-party SQL client, to InterSystems IRIS. In order to follow along with this video, you need to have SQuirreL installed with JDK1.8. You also need an instance of InterSystems IRIS pre-loaded sample stock data. Still need an instance? Check out your options here.