• InterSystems IRIS QuickStart Collection

    InterSystems IRIS® data platform allows you to rapidly develop and deploy important applications. All of the needed tools and capabilities are provided in a reliable, unified platform spanning data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics.

    Features available in InterSystems IRIS include:

    • Massively scalable multi-model database
    • Built-in analytics platform to respond to your data real-time
    • Natural language processing tools to analyze unstructured data
    • Integration and interoperability tools
    • Automated mechanisms for easy deployment

    Watch the video to learn more about InterSystems IRIS.

    • Learn about the multi-model capabilities of InterSystems IRIS, including how to access data relationally, using objects, or natively. Choose your own language for the hands-on activity.

    • In this QuickStart, see how you can use globals, the data model native to InterSystems IRIS, to improve the efficiency and flexibility of your data storage.
    • As a business grows, so should the supporting data platform. This happens in many ways with many different needs to be met. The different workloads and different ways that they can grow over time provide a challenge that InterSystems IRIS will scale along with. Watch this video to learn what horizontal and vertical scalability are, as well as how InterSystems IRIS can meet the needs of growing business and data.

    • InterSystems IRIS includes many interoperability features including an integration engine to connect all your applications and share data. Low-code interfaces are provided to rapidly create business process orchestration, transformations, and workflow while, at the same time, allowing you to write code to give you even greater flexibility. To try it out, take a look at the Interoperability QuickStart.