• There are lots of ways to try out InterSystems IRIS® data platform and explore its features. Get started by launching an instance on your platform of choice!

    InterSystems IRIS Community Edition

    InterSystems Learning Labs
    Google Cloud Platform
    Microsoft Azure
    Amazon Web Services
    Docker Store
    Instructions to Get Started

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    Connecting to InterSystems IRIS in the Cloud

    Demonstration of Instructions
    InterSystems Labs Tutorial
    GCP Tutorial
    Azure Tutorial
    AWS Tutorial
    Docker Tutorial
    Offer Summary
    • 1GB Memory
    • 30-90 day limited sandbox
    • No setup or installation
    • Cannot be migrated to a production system

    • Customizable memory and processing power
    • Full access without time restrictions
    • Cloud account setup required
    • Can be migrated to a production system

    • Container running locally on your machine
    • Requires Docker be installed
    • 1-year license included in image
    • Can be migrated to a production system

    Cost Free Free

    + GCP compute cost


    + Azure compute cost


    + AWS compute cost


    * AWS offers a “Free Tier” that can run InterSystems IRIS (t2.micro instance, 1GB memory, 1 vCPU).

    To download Community Edition locally, get an InterSystems IRIS installation kit from the Developer Download page.

    Build Something With Your Instance

    Designed to get you running code in just a few minutes, these quick videos and focused exercises let you explore some of the great features of InterSystems IRIS.
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    To take a deeper dive into InterSystems IRIS, experience the product in any of three phases — Learn, Play, or Build — and explore real-world use cases.
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    First Looks
    These short documents provide step-by-step instructions for trying out a wide variety of InterSystems IRIS features on your own instance.
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    Learn More About InterSystems IRIS

    Want to learn more about InterSystems IRIS before diving in? Watch this video to get a big-picture understanding of what InterSystems IRIS can do, or explore other online resources: