• Node.js QuickStart

    Node.js is one of the most commonly used programming languages due to its strong performance and scalability.

    InterSystems IRIS® Native API for Node.js lets your application directly access the underlying data structure within InterSystems IRIS (known as globals) as well as call ObjectScript methods and routines.

    To review ways to connect your application to InterSystems IRIS data platforms, watch the video.

    The exercise below will walk you through the set up and execution of using Node.js to connect to InterSystems IRIS.

    Note: Node.js is only available on InterSystems IRIS v2019.2+.

    • The Native API can be used to store data in your own custom structures to InterSystems IRIS. It can also be used to run existing InterSystems IRIS methods or routines. In this exercise, you will see how Native API allows your Node.js application to interact directly with InterSystems IRIS.

      Start the exercise in one of three ways:

      1. Use an InterSystems IRIS Learning Lab by clicking the launcher below.
      2. Use AWS, Azure, or GCP, first following the steps to change the password for InterSystems IRIS.
      3. Try the exercise locally with an instance of InterSystems IRIS and an IDE that supports Node.js (such as Visual Studio Code).