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  • Welcome to the Zen Mojo Learning Path

    NOTE: Zen Mojo is provided with Caché and Ensemble but is not included with InterSystems IRIS® data platform or InterSystems IRIS for Health™ by default. For creating web pages and UIs, InterSystems recommends using any common third-party frameworks such as AngularJS, React or Vue.js.

    Description: The following path will teach you the basics of Zen Mojo and how to build a Zen Mojo application from the ground up. You will learn what makes Zen Mojo a state-of-the-art technology, how to build your first Zen Mojo application, how to display collection and use documentation, and finally how to handle events and update layouts.

    Audience: This learning path is for those who are new to Zen Mojo and would like to build a mobile application.

    Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes.

    • Learning Path

      It is recommended that you complete the following in order.

    • Further Resources

      In this learning path, you learned how to build an application using Zen Mojo. See the following additional resources to continue learning about Zen Mojo: