Topic outline

  • Introduction to InterSystems Products and Technologies

    Learn the basics of InterSystems® products and technologies and discover what products exist, how they are used, and how they compare to each other from a nontechnical perspective.

    This course contains four instructional lessons and several quiz questions. The videos and simulations are best viewed in full-screen mode.

    Version Updates The instructional content of this course has changed from previous versions. Updates include:
    • Addition of content related to InterSystems IRIS for Health™

    Prerequisite Learning or Experience None.

    Audience This course is for functional users such as business managers, business analysts, and any non-technical roles.

    Duration 30 minutes.

    Learning Objectives By the end of this course, you will be able to:
    • Identify and define the InterSystems products.
    • Identify the major features of each product.
    • Order the products and how they build on one another.
    • Identify technologies that enhance the functionality of InterSystems products.

    Grading Criteria This course is not graded; quiz questions are provided for self-assessment.

    Resources Needed None.