Topic outline

  • Predictive Modeling with the Machine Learning Toolkit

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are here to stay, and using them is now easier than ever. Computational resources required to not only calculate but also apply predictive models in a transactional, real-time environment costs significantly less these days, making predictive modeling a reasonable and easy choice for a wide variety of use cases. In this exercise, you will learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help you get the most from your data. You will see how to find creative solutions to problems that are unsolvable with traditional approaches, such as predictive maintenance. This exercise is focused on how InterSystems IRIS™ data platform can run and manage predictive models on a production scale.

    With InterSystems IRIS, you can:

    • Orchestrate the process of launching, executing, and processing the results of AI/ML models using various modeling environments.
    • Robotize and automate the use of AI/ML tools.
    • Enable users to make real-time decisions to control the spontaneity and diversity of real-life challenges.

    AI/ML technologies allow businesses to be more effective and agile. Today, these technologies are becoming easier to build and deploy. Start investigating AI/ML technologies and how they can help your organization to grow and prosper.

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  • Data Preparation for Machine Learning

    This video explains some of the statistical concepts that are used in the Machine Learning Toolkit lab: variance, principal component analysis, and logistic regression.