Topic outline

  • Interoperability Resource Guide - 2019

    Below you will find presentations from Global Summit 2019 relating to Interoperability.

    • Rapid Intelligent Application Development

      Intelligent applications use insights derived from data they collect to refine and improve their operations. There is a new landscape of intelligent services that shorten the development time of intelligent applications by relying more on integration and interoperability, and less on writing custom code. This session provides an overview of that landscape and gives concrete examples of building intelligent applications using InterSystems IRIS. NOTE: Attendees of this session may also be interested in the Experience Lab "Using AI Services to Build Intelligent Apps."

      Takeaway: InterSystems IRIS Interoperability enables the rapid creation of intelligent applications

      Presenters: Thomas Dyar

      Tags: Global Summit 2019, InterSystems IRIS Interoperability enables the rapid creation of intelligent applications

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      • REST at Ease

        This session provides and overview of how to build REST APIs. Topics will include: using the %JSON adapter to expose and consume JSON data for REST endpoints, code-first and spec-first approaches for REST development, and a brief discussion of proper API management.

        Takeaway: Attendees will learn how to efficiently build, document, and manage REST APIs.

        Presenters: Michael Smart

        Tags: Global Summit 2019, REST, web development

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        • FHIR Update

          Due to a considerable push by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for API access to patient health information, adoption of the FHIR interoperability specification is likely to accelerate dramatically. FHIR itself is rapidly evolving, and healthcare IT professionals need to keep up with the changes. This session will outline the current FHIR roadmap and discuss changing regulations for delivering patient information. We will also showcase some interesting FHIR projects and initiatives currently happening in the real world.

          Takeaway: Attendees will be up-to-date with recent changes to the FHIR interoperability specification. They will learn about some current real-world FHIR projects.

          Presenters: Patrick Jamieson, Maxim Vershinin

          Tags: Global Summit 2019, healthcare, FHIR

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          • Build HL7 Interfaces in a Flash

            This session introduces our new HL7 productivity toolkit. We will give an overview, and demonstrate some key features, such as the Production Generator and Message Analyzer. We will also discuss how you can cost-effectively move from another interface engine to InterSystems technology.

            Takeaway: You can build HL7 interfaces more efficiently with the new productivity toolkit in InterSystems IRIS for Health.

            Presenters: Karin Schatz-Cairoli

            Tags: Global Summit 2019, healthcare, HL7, interfaces, interoperability, productivity

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