Topic outline

  • Hands-On with Docker Containers

    Docker containers are a highly efficient, flexible, and portable format for software deployment. Learn how to build, run, and manage your own containers, and how to containerize InterSystems IRIS® data platform instances. Then practice what you have learned in a series of hands-on exercises.

    Prerequisite Learning or Experience None.

    Audience This course is intended for anyone who wants an introduction to Docker containers and how they can be used with InterSystems IRIS® data platform.

    Duration 90 minutes.

    Learning Objectives By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Execute basic operations with containers
    • Build container images
    • Run containers
    • Push container images to Docker Hub
    • Persist data across multiple containers
    • Build, run, and use InterSystems IRIS containers

    Grading Criteria This course is not graded.

    Resources Needed Docker must be installed on your machine; instructions are provided in this course to set up Docker.