Topic outline

  • Setting Up RESTful Services


    This course contains videos that feature Atelier, built on Eclipse, as the IDE, which has been deprecated in favor of Visual Studio Code. The instructional content of this course is not dependent on Atelier, and is compatible with Visual Studio Code. 

    Learn how to set up a RESTful service in InterSystems IRIS® data platform, using an API to define how client applications interact with your service.

    Try coding exercises in a temporary online instance of InterSystems IRIS and learn the basics with an introduction to relevant terminology and video descriptions of REST use cases.

    This course contains five instructional lessons, plus several exercises and quizzes. The videos and simulations are best viewed in full-screen mode.

    Version Updates  The instructional content of this course has changed from previous versions. Updates include:

    • Additional capabilities available in InterSystems IRIS
    • A new section on RESTful API management and InterSystems API Manager
    • New coding exercises for the spec-first workflow
    • Updated graphics

    Prerequisite Learning or Experience  InterSystems ObjectScript and basic JSON knowledge

    Audience  This course is intended for software developers who need to build RESTful services in InterSystems IRIS or HealthShare.

    Learning Objectives  By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Identify when and why to use REST.
    • Order the flow of data through a RESTful service in InterSystems IRIS or HealthShare.
    • Create an API specification and use it to automatically set up a RESTful service in InterSystems IRIS.
    • Attach an integration engine to REST endpoints.
    • Locate APIs and generate documentation in InterSystems IRIS.

    Duration  90 minutes.

    Grading Criteria  This course is not graded; quiz questions are provided for self-assessment.

    Resources Needed  A REST client such as Chrome Advanced REST Client, Postman, or cURL.