• Building Basic HL7 Integrations with InterSystems

    • This learning path was previously titled Building Your First HL7 Production.
    • The contents of this Learning Path relate primarily to InterSystems IRIS for Health™, but they also apply to HealthShare Unified Care Record® v. 2019.2 or later, and HealthShare® Health Connect v. 2020.1 and later.

    Integrating your legacy systems with InterSystems IRIS for Health allows you to extract more value from healthcare data. In this learning path, you will move from exploring the basics of the InterSystems integration engine to setting up your own spec-based HL7® V2 production.

    Learning Path sections

    This path contains five sections. One, Explore an InterSystems integration engine, 30 minutes. Two, Route HL7 messages efficiently, 1 hour. Three, Modify data to meet system requirements, 1 hour 20 minutes. Four, Troubleshoot at the time of need, 2 hours. Five, Apply skills from this path, 1h 30minutes.