• Embedded Python QuickStart

    Embedded Python offers helpful resources and new levels of flexibility to both InterSystems ObjectScript and Python developers. ObjectScript developers can now code in Python anywhere they can currently code in ObjectScript, and Python developers can interact more easily with InterSystems IRIS® data platform.

    Benefits of Embedded Python:

    • Embedded Python introduces thousands of new libraries for analysis, integration, and more.
    • Python libraries are accessible from the security context of InterSystems IRIS.
    • InterSystems IRIS packages can be imported into Python code for app development.
    • Users can access objects with with the syntax of either programming language.

    Watch the video and try the exercise below!

    • In this exercise, you will interact with an InterSystems IRIS database using Python. The database tracks wild snakes and their growth over time. Scientists can add new snakes with unique IDs to the database, log measurements of snakes over time, and display growth data. 

      In the following steps, you will:

      • Run methods written in ObjectScript which utilize Python libraries.
      • Run methods written in Python which utilize ObjectScript methods.

      Start the exercise by clicking the launcher button below.

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