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  • Newsletter — December 2021

    December 2021

    Close out your year with new InterSystems Learning Services content! In this month's newsletter, you can: 

    • Try the new Python Learning path and Embedded Python QuickStart.
    • Get practice managing InterSystems IRIS® data platform instances.
    • Manage deployed applications with CCR.
    • Take the new Certification exam.
    • Read improved security content for HealthShare® Unified Care Record.

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    Michelle Spisak
    Sr. Instructional Designer, Learning Services

    • Code in Your Language of Choice

      Did you know you can easily connect applications to InterSystems® products and technologies using a variety of programming languages? Now you can take your applications to the next level by using Embedded Python to code directly in Python. Check out these new resources to get started:

      • Try the Embedded Python QuickStart (exercise, 10m), and see how you can move flexibly between InterSystems ObjectScript and Python while developing applications.
      • Follow the comprehensive Python learning path (45m), and find out how to use your Python coding skills to enhance InterSystems applications.

      Looking for resources on another programming language? Choose your own adventure and follow a learning path on Java, .NET, Node.js, or Python.

    • More from Online Learning...

      Better manage changes to deployed applications
      (learning path, 4h+)

      Customers of InterSystems TrakCare®, HealthShare®, and other products can use InterSystems Change Control Record (CCR) to document changes to applications, ensure a good workflow, and more!

      Get hands-on practice managing InterSystems IRIS
      (exercise, 1h)

      System administrators can use a virtual machine to install, back up, and configure an InterSystems IRIS instance. (Note: This exercise is part of the InterSystems IRIS Management Basics learning path.)

      • New from Certification

        The InterSystems Certification team has just released the HealthShare Patient Index Technical Specialist exam! Review the recommended preparation materials and try practice questions, then purchase and schedule the exam when you are ready.

      • From the Desk of Documentation

        Reorganized and improved security content for HealthShare® Unified Care Record

        The newly released HealthShare Unified Care Record 2021.2 features reorganized security documentation. Improvements in this content are similar to those in the recently reorganized Data Platforms security documentation.

        Unified Care Record now has five security-related books that support different customer roles and their activities:

        • Securing Unified Care Record Instances—Covers TLS requirements, security domains, and login app customization
        • Authenticating Users in Unified Care Record—Covers selecting and configuring the basic authentication model: OAuth 2.0, Instance Authentication, or SAML. This book also includes new workflow diagrams for each model, showing where to add custom code.
        • Authorizing Users in Unified Care Record—Covers user roles and system resources
        • Provisioning Users in Unified Care Record—Covers adding, editing, and deactivating system users
        • Unified Care Record Auditing Guide—Covers audit configuration and audit reporting

      • Virtual Classroom Training

        InterSystems continues to offer live instruction via virtual classroom training from 9a.m.-5p.m. EDT (U.S.). Find upcoming virtual training classes in the course schedule. You can also request a virtual class specific to your organization.

        The following virtual classes still have spots available! Check them out and register today.

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