Topic outline

  • How do I register for an account?

    Click Create Account and follow the on-screen directions to create an account.
    • What does InterSystems Online Learning offer?

      The InterSystems Learning site offers online courses, learning paths, videos, resource guides, and more. Get more details on the Welcome page.

      • How can I start learning?

        • You can access many introductory resources on the InterSystems Learning site without an account.
        • Log in with your existing WRC credentials or create an account to access in-depth content, track your progress in courses, and see your learning history.
        • What is the cost of taking an online course?

          Online courses are offered free of charge. InterSystems Corporation reserves the right to change this policy in the future.

          • What are the requirements for taking an online course on this system?

            The courses work best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.
            • How do I get help with a technical issue?

              Click the Report Issue/Feedback button on the right side of any page to report your issue.

              • How can I submit a question about learning content?

                • How do I suggest new topics?

                  Submit your suggestion to

                  • How can I be notified when new courses are added?

                    Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about InterSystems Learning Services initiatives.

                    • Why won't my course launch?

                      If you are logged into the Learning site and cannot launch a course, try clearing your browser's cache:

                      1. Close all browser windows.
                      2. Open one browser window.
                      3. Clear the cache as directed by your browser's documentation.
                      4. Re-launch the course.

                      If you are still unable to launch the course, please click the Report Issue/Feedback button on the right side of the screen, and let us know which course you are trying to launch. If possible, include a screenshot of the error to help with troubleshooting.