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  • Welcome to the OAuth 2.0 Resource Guide

    If you are looking to learn more about OAuth 2.0 but are not sure where to start, don't worry! We have a number of resources available for you. You can: 

    • Get Started

      For a basic introduction to OAuth 2.0, you can get started by watching an introductory video or visiting one of the below web sites for more information and resources.
    • Read Documentation

      You can also use the following links to get direct access to OAuth 2.0 documentation.

    • Learn from the Global Summit

      Presentations from the InterSystems Global Summit can provide valuable resources to further your knowledge on OAuth 2.0.

    • Ask questions on the Developer Community

      The Developer Community is a great place to ask questions and find answers. Follow the links below to learn more about the community and join the conversation!  If you have created an account on the InterSystems Learning site, you can use the same login information to join the Community.