Topic outline

  • Welcome to Building Your First Application with Caché

    Welcome to the Building Your First Application with Caché learning path! This learning path is designed for software developers who need to learn the basics of InterSystems Caché and get started building applications.

    In this learning path, you will get an introduction to InterSystems Caché basics, learn about objects in Caché, and learn about the various options of using SQL within Caché. These skills will culminate in a final exercise where you will put everything together and build a small application using InterSystems Caché.

    • Meet InterSystems Caché

      Before you can begin writing any code, it is important to understand what Caché is—including its value as a product—how to write classes which make up Caché programs, and how to begin working with the Caché ObjectScript programming language. The following online courses will provide an introduction.

    • Learn About Caché Objects

      Now that you understand the tools that you will be using to develop your application, it is important to understand the use of objects in InterSytems Caché. The following resources will help you understand objects, specifically in Caché ObjectScript, but will also include a brief overview of object-oriented programming and an introduction to using SQL with Caché.

    • Practice Building an Application

      Try the following exercise to put everything together and build an application yourself.
    • Further Resources

      After you complete this learning path, there are many additional resources that you may explore to continue learning about Caché. The following materials include a classroom course, documentation, tutorials, and resource guides.

    • How do I provide feedback on this learning path?

      Thank you for completing this learning path. To assist us in making this as helpful as possible for future learners, please complete the reviewer survey by selecting the link below. Don't forget to click Done at the end to submit your responses.