Topic outline

  • Configuring a Mobile Device for Application Deployment

    Welcome to Configuring a Mobile Device for Application Deployment. This course contains three instructional lessons, plus several quiz questions. The videos and simulations in this course are best if viewed full screen.

    This course discusses the process needed to push an application to both an iOS and Android device. Learners can choose which device they would like to learn about, or they can step through both to understand the settings and steps needed to push to both device types. 

    Prerequisite Learning or Experience  This course uses an example application that we will push to both iOS and Android devices. Files and setup instructions will be provided within this course so that you can push the application to a mobile iOS or Android device.

    Audience  This course is intended for anyone who wants an introduction to pushing an application to a mobile device. It is intended for developers, decision makers, and implementation personnel. 

    Learning Objectives  By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Explain why certificates and provisioning profiles are important for iOS devices.
    • Create a certificate and provisioning profile for iOS.
    • Configure an iOS project so that it can be installed on a native device.
    • Configure settings on an Android device to enable testing an Android application.
    • Push applications to a mobile device for testing.

    Duration  30 minutes. 

    Grading Criteria  This course is not graded; quiz questions are provided for self-assessment.

    Resources Needed  None required. However, if you would like to push an application to an iOS device, you will need a Mac, Apple Developer license, and Xcode. Simulations are provided if you do not have these tools but still want to learn the process. If you would like to push an application to an Android device, steps will be provided in this course to install the necessary software to do this. Be aware that installation does take a while, so you may want to install these pieces and come back to this section of the course later. See the Pre-requisites page for more information.