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  • Welcome to Learn HealthShare Health Connect

    Interested in learning more about HealthShare Health Connect, but not sure where to start? We have a number of resources available for you!

    For information about HealthShare Health Connect's integration platform and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) functionality, you can:

    For information about HealthShare Health Connect's support for IHE, CDA, and connecting to a health information exchange, you can:

    • Take an online course or watch a recorded demonstration

      If you would like to learn more about CDA, SDA, or connecting to a healthcare information exchange, you can take an online course or watch one of the following videos.

    • Attend a class

      Classroom courses with InterSystems provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on exercises to help you learn our products and technologies. Our classes are held in Cambridge, MA and are limited to 15 students to ensure you receive personal care and instruction.
    • Read HealthShare Health Connect documentation

      The Health Connect documentation consists of five manuals. They can be accessed from the InterSystems launcher in the system tray using the menu option Documentation. If you do not have an instance of Health Connect installed locally, you can access a PDF of each manual below.

      Manual Description 
      1 Overview of Health Connect Introduces the Health Connect architecture, the SDA model, and ATNA auditing
      2 IHE Use Cases in Health Connect Describes how to set up Health Connect to perform IHE messaging
      3 Health Connect Installation and Migration Guide Provides installation and migration instructions for Health Connect
      4 Health Connect Registry Guide Describes how to set up and manage Health Connect registries
      5 Health Connect Release Notes Explains new features and updates in the latest version of Health Connect
    • Read a success story

      Every day, clients all over the world use HealthShare Health Connect to enable better patient care. Read the following success story to find out how one hospital has found better reliability, performance, and scalability with Health Connect. 

    • Ask questions in the Developer Community

      The Developer Community is a great place to ask questions and find answers. Follow the link below to learn more about the community and join the conversation!  If you have created an account on the InterSystems Learning site, you can use the same login information to join the Community.