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    This three-day course teaches implementation partners and healthcare customers how to handle the processing and routing of HL7 messages in the InterSystems integration engine. The course focuses on working with the prebuilt HL7 business services, business processes, business operations, and HL7 adapters. The students learn how to receive, view, edit, configure, and send HL7 messages in an automated process.

    Developing custom business services, business processes, and business operations is not addressed in this course. If you need to create custom business services, business processes, and business operations, refer to the Developing Healthcare Integrations course. This course also does not include specific modules on managing productions. If this is a large part of what you need, refer to the Building and Managing HL7 Integrations course.

    This course is applicable for users of HealthShare.


    There are no prerequisites but basic HL7 knowledge is helpful.