Topic outline

  • Caché Objects Introduction

    Learn the basics of InterSystems Caché® objects as you explore object-oriented programming concepts such as classes and methods. See how to interact with the Caché database by creating, saving, loading, and deleting objects. 

    This course contains four instructional lessons, plus several quiz questions. Videos and simulations are best viewed in full-screen mode.

    This course discusses objects with Caché. To learn about objects with InterSystems IRIS® data platform, see InterSystems IRIS Objects Introduction
    Version Updates The instructional content of this course has not changed from previous versions. Updates include:
    • Improved graphics

    Prerequisite Learning or Experience This course assumes that you have some previous object-oriented programming experience.

    Audience This course is for those who are new to Caché but have prior experience with other object-oriented programming (OOP) languages or concepts.

    Duration 30 minutes.

    Grading Criteria There are no graded parts of this course. Quiz questions are provided for self-assessment.

    Learning Objectives By the end of this course you will be able to:
    • Recognize parts of a Caché class definition.
    • Create and save objects in Caché.
    • Manipulate Caché objects.

    Resources Needed None.