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  • Caché ObjectScript Basics: Variables and Operators

    Note: This has been replaced with a new online course. Please see Caché ObjectScript Basics for the latest content.

    Welcome to the Caché ObjectScript Basics: Variables and Operators course. This course serves as an introduction to ObjectScript; the powerful object-oriented database scripting language used in Caché. Using ObjectScript you will be able to build Caché applications and extend the capabilities of other InterSystems applications, such as Ensemble or HealthShare.

    Prerequisite Learning or Experience  This course assumes some general programming knowledge, but is accessible enough for beginners.

    Audience  Those new to developing in Caché.

    Duration  40 minutes 

    Grading Criteria  There are no graded parts of this course. Quiz questions are provided to assess that you learned what we set out to learn but they are not graded.

    Learning Objectives  By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Create, display and destroy variables.
    • Describe Caché variable typing.
    • Concatenate string values. 
    • Construct array variables.
    • Identify mathematical operators in ObjectScript.
    • Describe operator precedence in ObjectScript.

    Resources Needed  None. Code examples in this course will be shown as if they were typed into the Caché Terminal and you do not need a running instance of Caché for this course. 

    However, if you would like to install Caché to complete course examples, customers may visit the WRC Distribution page