Topic outline

  • Financial Fraud Detection

    Build a predictive model using InterSystems IRIS® data platform and Apache Spark™. You will analyze a data set of financial transactions, choose an appropriate algorithm, and train a machine learning model to predict fraudulent transactions. Read the directions below and launch your lab to begin!

    • Directions

      Use the button below to launch the Apache Zeppelin lab, then follow the Zeppelin link to your container. Please be aware that the first execution of code in your notebook may take several minutes to run.

    • Challenge Completion

      If you have finished the exercises in the Apache Zeppelin notebooks, select the box below to receive credit for completing the challenge.

    • Next Steps

      What do you think of this example model and its results? Is it convincing? Is there a dataset or data challenge that you would like to work with in future exercises? Feel free to share your model, ideas, and experiences with your peers and InterSystems staff via the InterSystems Developer Community to discuss approaches and solutions. Be sure to tag your post with Big Data Experience to link up with other people completing this exercise.

      Finally, if you would like to find out more about how you could bring your organization’s data and its challenges to InterSystems, contact InterSystems to talk about your project.

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