• Welcome to Building SMART on FHIR Apps with InterSystems FHIR Sandbox


    The SMART on FHIR® specification enables apps to securely access data on HealthShare and other clinical systems using the open FHIR and OAuth standards. In this exercise we will create a simple SMART on FHIR app using an online development environment and connect it to the InterSystems FHIR Sandbox to test the app with unified health records from realistic sample patients.


    By the end of this exercise, you should be able to:

    • Log in and launch the InterSystems FHIR Sandbox
    • Understand the basic architecture of a SMART on FHIR app
    • Create a simple SMART on FHIR application
    • Register and launch a SMART on FHIR app on the FHIR Sandbox

    • InterSystems FHIR Sandbox is accessible online via a web browser. In this section you will log into InterSystems Online Learning System (IOLS) and launch the FHIR Sandbox.

    • In this section we will do a quick exploration of the FHIR Sandbox by performing simple FHIR queries to retrieve sample patient data and query for a sample patient's hemoglobin A1c laboratory results.

      InfoHemoglobin A1c, often abbreviated HbA1c, is a form of hemoglobin (a blood pigment that carries oxygen) that is bound to glucose. The blood test for HbA1c level is routinely performed on people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes; blood HbA1c levels are reflective of how well diabetes is controlled. The normal range for hemoglobin A1c level is less than 6%. Source:

    • Ready to see the solution? Watch the video below.